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We love CG and like to create Architecture, Digital nature & Realtime applications.


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Who we are

TDT3D (The Dream Team) was founded by Benoît Saint-Moulin in 1999. Our team is composed of Carole Demasy: 3D designer and Architecture and Benoît Saint-Moulin: 3D expert and Realtime applications.

Why choose us?

We have combined art, precision, aesthetics and technology to bring all our expertise to your projects for 20 years as freelancers and CG instructors. We base our business on Quality, not Quantity!


What can we do for you ?


Architecture - Visualisation

3D Architecture - Visualisation From modeling to final render we can create and supervise your Architecture and Design projects from still renders to motion design.

Digital nature

Landscape - Geo design

Digital nature Landscape - Geo design Digital nature technologies is an extension of our skills, we can help you to create Digital nature from still renders to simulations.


Applications - Serious games

Realtime Applications - Serious games We combine our long term experience in 3D and realtime to create realtime application for desktop, mobile or web deployment.


3D - Realtime

Training 3D - Realtime With long term experience as Teachers at the Haute Ecole Albert Jacquard and as corporate trainers, we can share our knowledge with you.


We made a Mag -> TDT3D, a well known and world recognised community of 3D artists with more than 40K members...

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Benoît Saint-Moulin

3D - Digital nature - Realtime

Carole Demasy

3D - Architeture - Design

We have certifications fromWeb & IT, Autodesk, e-onsoftware, Design Express.
Belgian recognition of professional reputation : 3D real time Expertise


helloworld [@] tdt3d [.] com

We love 3D, Arts & Design, it's part of our life !

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